1st January 2014 - AA World – Silverstone Classic, UK

The ‘World’s Biggest Classic Motor Racing Festival’, with around 1000 beautiful and exotic race cars competing, attracting over 1000 competitors, with over 7000 fabulous classic cars on the infield over the weekend. An ‘Access All Areas’ policy allows the spectators close to all the action, including:- rock…

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1st January 2014 - Pit Stop – London, UK

FMCG International organised a F1 themed day to assist with a project by Bayswater BID to encourage shoppers.   The day included:- the pit stop challenge giant Scalextric and F1 simulators. Members of the general public were encouraged to participate in all of the activities.   If…

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1st January 2014 - Eagles Meadow – Wrexham Centre, UK

FMCG International set up and managed two F1 ¾ driving simulators in this busy shopping centre.   Members of the public were encouraged to have a go and generally have a great day out shopping and driving! Should your company require an F1 Driving Similator for your…

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1st January 2014 - West Bletchley Carnival – MK, UK

FMCG International provided various F1 themed items for the West Bletchley Carnival in Milton Keynes, UK. The items included:- F1 Driving Simulator F1 Memorabila F1 Pictures F1 Race Suits and Helmets F1 Wheel Trims and F1 Tyres Should your company require an F1 Driving Simulator for your…

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