5th May 2014 - – Nigel Mansell

FMCG International supplied Nigel Mansell’s helmet, tyres, trophies, a selection of scale F1 cars, pictures and other props for the tv advert for that featured Nigel Mansell and Omid Djalili.

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5th May 2014 - LG – Donington Park Circuit, UK

FMCG provided one of their F1 cars that has been fitted with an engine specifically designed for filming, along with a 20-man pit crew, professional driver, extras, lighting, shoot and location management. This included sourcing suitable venues for the shoot. The car was fully wrapped changing it…

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5th May 2014 - HCA Hospitals – Silverstone Circuit, UK

All lighting and camera equipment was also provided by FMCG as per the director’s specific requirements. FMCG International prepared the equipment for the day with branding using the client’s logo. The branded items included:- the car the helmets and pit crew / driver overalls   FMCG also…

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5th May 2014 - Corbis – Silverstone Circuit, UK

Corbis is one of the world’s largest stock photographic agencies providing images for all the major brands. It was decided to utilise Silverstone Circuit and the local airfield. FMCG supplied a 30-man pit crew, extras, two F1 cars, all photographic equipment including lighting, trussing, pop up shelters…

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5th May 2014 - OJO Images – Rockingham Circuit, UK

The client provided extras who were unfamiliar with the roles of a pit crew, therefore, FMCG International offered technical pit crew knowledge to ensure they appeared professional in the shoot.   FMCG International supplied OJO Images with the following:-   F1 car crew clothing helmets trophies and…

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