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A Formula One car is world recognised for style, sophistication, prestige and fast cars. What better way to advertise your product or service than associating it with this high tech, high-end, ultra glamorous sport.

FMCG can provide you with F1 cars with or without engines depending on your brief, they can be utilised for filming, photographic shoots, advertising campaigns and unique brand development opportunities.

Our range of Formula One cars can be coloured, shaded and branded to compliment your scheme, highlight your logo and corporate message. We will assist with finding suitable venues and locations; provide props, full production equipment; photographers and directors. We will take care of location catering and shoot management including hiring of necessary specialist equipment as required for your production.

Our photographers and designers will work alongside your brief whilst adding their own experience and expertise to create your vision.

The dedicated shoot project manager will guide you through all necessary considerations and liaise with all persons involved to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your FMCG shoot.

We provide a full service wherever you hold your shoot – be it at our studio with an infinity cove, on location or, for an ultimate experience, at a race track. We have agreements with all major circuits (worldwide) to use pit lanes, race paddocks, garages and even the entire circuit.

FMCG can also provide professional crew for the shoot including fully trained pit mechanics to add a sense of reality to tyre changes, along with professional racing drivers. Corporate branding for circuit hoardings, garages and staff can be produced by FMCG.

FMCG can facilitate every aspect of your production or photo shoot. An image library for editorial and advertising purposes is also available. Contact us today, before your competitor snaps up this unique opportunity.

"FMCG International supplied Nigel Mansell’s helmet, tyres, trophies, a selection of scale F1 cars, pictures and other props for the tv advert for that featured Nigel Mansell and Omid Djalili."
- FMCG (
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