NEWS/CASE STUDIES: Pitstop Challenge

7th July 2014 - West Bletchley Carnival – Milton Keynes, UK

FMCG International set up the pit stop challenge for the general public at the West Bletchley Carnival. They also included a display of F1 memorabilia including:- F1 Driving Simulator F1 Memorabila F1 Pictures F1 Race Suits and Helmets F1 Wheel Trims F1 Tyres If your company requires…

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7th July 2014 - Duke Corporate Education

Financial Times World #1 The Financial Times (13 May 2013) ranked Duke Corporate Education as the world’s #1 provider of custom executive education. This is the eleventh consecutive year that Duke CE has achieved this prestigious honour. FMCG are a proud partner of Duke Corporate Education FMCG…

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