Corporate Driving Activity Days

FMCG International offer a variety of performance-led activities that are sure to unite your team, strengthen working relationships and boost communication skills.

We tailor all of our corporate driving activity days to suit each client and their required learning outcomes with the emphasis on building stronger teams with continuous improvement and a key message of performance at the limit.

Consider a morning conference overlooking the world famous Silverstone race circuit from the FMCG conference and hospitality facilities, followed by an afternoon of driving activities. Our exceptional catering team can provide lunch, dinner, BBQs and snacks to compliment your day. Upgrade the driving day to include teambuilding activities such as ‘Build an F1 Car’ – where teams are supplied with F1 car plans, card, scissors, pens, tape and are expected to manufacture an scale F1 car in a set time! There is a real focus on quality, time-keeping, forward planning, group communication, resource scheduling and competitiveness.

A brief overview of the driving experiences we offer:

Blindfold Driver Challenge

Designed with trust, quality and communication in mind. The driver of the vehicle is blindfolded and reliant on the navigator to instruct them around a course. The aim is to complete as many laps of the course, in the quickest time, with the least penalties (i.e. veering off course, driving over cones, stalling the vehicle). Focus for this experience is not speed!

Skid Driving Experience

Master driving techniques to control a vehicle in the event of a skid. This uniquely enjoyable Skid Control Experience teaches you valuable driving skills in a risk-free environment, you’ll leave a better, safer, road user. The aim is to complete the course in the quickest time possible, but without hitting the cones. This exercise is about following instructions from our expert instructors and carrying them out in a methodical and safe manner.

"FMCG International organised a team building day for approximately 30 people. This included a pit stop challenge, blind fold driving, skid pan driving and a high speed passenger lap of the circuit."
- FMCG about working with Mars

4 x 4 Off Road Driving

Major drops, water filled ravines, apparently unassailable ascents and axle twisting obstacles combine to challenge the bravery and determination of the driver and the go-anywhere ability of the vehicles. You will learn new car control skills, challenging your very understanding of taking instruction from an expert instructor.

Circuit Race Track driving

Do you feel the need for speed? If you have a penchant for fast cars then you will excel on one of our supercar track days. Combine the thrill of driving around a world-class track with a team-boosting exercise such as the Pitstop Challenge, set up in one of the on-track garages. It’s a corporate driving day with a difference!

Or perhaps you are more inclined to pull off a J-Turn before speeding off into the distance? What better way to bring clients, associates or employees together than a day of driving activities all underlined with a strong teambuilding theme!

If you’re ready for an action-packed sensory overload then you need to call us to arrange your corporate driving activity day!

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