F1 Scalextric Track Hire

"we can safely say it was a resounding success and enjoyed immensely by the many journalists who attended. I spoke with Adrian afterwards and he really, really enjoyed it. Well done all!"
- Marketing Director, Medion

Endurance Scalextric

You are about to experience FMCG scalextric endurance racing. Do you have the fortitude, perseverance and stamina to undertake the challenge?

Non-stop head to head racing from the moment the lights turn green through to the chequered flag finish, teams’ race on FMCG’s multi-lane Grand Prix circuit using the latest GT, touring and Grand Prix scale cars. The aim of endurance racing is for multiple drivers to share the exhilarating but exhausting long distance race so be prepared to rely on your team members!

The race runs on number of laps or distance achieved within a set time. Our computerised scalextric track, with real-time, timing screens, enables you to maintain the highest level of competitiveness between teams whilst ensuring laps/distance is distributed equally between team drivers. The computer will keep a record of laps, timings, championship points and race winners; and the FMCG crew will be on hand to facilitate the event.

We can transport our scalextric track anywhere – nationally and internationally. It is available to hire for short (hours) and long (months) periods of time. The track breaks down into easily manoeuvrable sections enabling us to position it in even the most awkward of rooms!

If you really want to make an impression, consider adding one of the F1 show cars to the display. They can be personalised with company logos, graphics and personal messages. We also offer F1 memorabilia that can be used as trophies for the team race winners!

Will you beat the world’s best endurance drivers – Hans Herrmann or Timo Bernhard who have both won the three most challenging endurance races? Or are you aiming to thrash the F1 world champions – Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel?

If your team is ready to compete against the best, call us here at FMCG International now to get the chequered flag ready!

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