Corbis - Silverstone Circuit, UK

FMCG International was asked to identify a cost effective location for a 2-day photo shoot.

Corbis is one of the world’s largest stock photographic agencies providing images for all the major brands. It was decided to utilise Silverstone Circuit and the local airfield. FMCG supplied a 30-man pit crew, extras, two F1 cars, all photographic equipment including lighting, trussing, pop up shelters and reflectors. It was necessary to provide two complete sets of different coloured crew clothing including:-

  • helmets
  • gloves
  • and boots.

FMCG also provided catering for the shoot. FMCG consulted on the shot list to ensure that the images produced on the day reflected realistic racing scenarios.

Should your company require a cost effective location, equipment and support for your advert, film or photo shoot, please Contact Us now. We’re always happy to help your shoot run smoothly!


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