LG - Donington Park Circuit, UK

FMCG International completed a High Definition advert video shoot (and static shots) at Donington Park race track for LG Electronics (Official F1 sponsor) over a two day period.

FMCG provided one of their F1 cars that has been fitted with an engine specifically designed for filming, along with a 20-man pit crew, professional driver, extras, lighting, shoot and location management. This included sourcing suitable venues for the shoot.

The car was fully wrapped changing it from white to red as per the client’s specifications. Branding was added to the car and the pit garage. To demonstrate the detail available when using HD, the client wanted to capture water droplets from a wet weather tyre. FMCG supplied a water tank and hose so that the whole circuit could be saturated in order to give the client the required HD droplet effect.

This footage is used by LG in over 100 product videos for their HD products.

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