West Bletchley Carnival – Milton Keynes, UK

FMCG International provided the Pitstop Challenge for West Bletchley Carnival

FMCG International set up the pit stop challenge for the general public at the West Bletchley Carnival.

They also included a display of F1 memorabilia including:-

  • F1 Driving Simulator
  • F1 Memorabila
  • F1 Pictures
  • F1 Race Suits and Helmets
  • F1 Wheel Trims
  • F1 Tyres

If your company requires a pit stop challenge or event for the general public, please Contact FMCG International today!






West_Bletchley_Carnival_F1_Car West_Bletchley_Carnival_F1_FMCG_Crew

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